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About us

The term “Blue Chip”  has been borrowed by the share market from a casino. The most expensive chips in poker have this color.  The largest and the most dynamically developing companies are often named «Blue Chips».  Blue Chip is also a synonym of concepts high-quality, top-quality, the higher class, the first-rate quality.

We named our company «Blue Chip» proceeding from our main objectives concerning clients – all our efforts are directed on achievement of the new stages in development and of excellent results!

Blue Chip – it is also a synonym for high-quality, first-class, top class, top grade.

With a firm conviction we apply this term in relation to our services. And many of our clients have already seen this in practice.

Blue Chip is

  1. One of the leading companies on Ukrainian business tourism (MICE) and event activities market that offers a full range of service in the field of MICE and EVENT.

  2. The company that has huge experience of hosting events of different types and complexity, both in Ukraine and all over the world.

  3. The company that is able to create a business relationship with our clients based on confidence and friendship. The relationship that we cherish.

  4. The team of professional experts, the best in their field, "in our orchestra every instrument in the hands of a professional".

  5. The company is accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association), which confirms the high qualification of our specialists in the provision of tickets.

Our team

Each and every of us is unique. Common tasks and targets – that is what makes us a strong team and helps to open up a creative energy of each colleague with maximum effect for the client.

There is no one in our team who is indifferent to colleague`s work. All the more so. There is no one who is unenthusiastic about client`s tasks. We are venturous, we love to win and enjoy working on challenging projects.

The secret of our success if pretty simple – we love what we do and put all our soul in our work.

We are the Blue Chip!