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December, 2012, Slavske

«Malteurop Ukraine» the tenth anniversary

Participants: 25 persons

The celebration of the 10 anniversary of the company was the 3-days trip to Western Ukraine for the employees of «Malteurop Ukraine», This trip was followed by the question “What is Ukraine?” The only one answer should be ater it: “It is a holiday!”

Best Western Ukraine holidays turned the guests into some endless series of highlights, the visitors were able to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the colorful festivals and folk traditions. In just three days of the event, guests were able to attend the tour in the fortress “Tustan” Mukachevo, castle “Palanok”, castle of Count Schonborn, to get trips to the rocks and Dovbush Goshovsky monastery, as well as skiing on Trostyane and relax in the Russian bath among Mountains.

After a rich excursion program the visitors came back to one of the most picturesque hotels in the Lviv region “Tower bear”, where a celebratory gala dinner dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the company took place. Themed Gala Dinner “GRAFSKA UCHTA” gave participants the opportunity to fully enjoy the breath of the medieval history of this region. Guests witnessed knightly battles and participants for real knights. The maid of honor is not only demonstrated the medieval dances but gave lessons offers music ensemble of ancient music. The final chord of the evening was a gift that will be remembered by all guests – fire show a mystical fairy fiery dance in honor of the 10th anniversary of the company «Malteurop Ukraine».



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