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December, 2012, Israel

Incentive trip for Stada CIS representative office in Ukraine

Participants: 30 persons

After the training in Ukraine, the employees of the company Stada went to the incentive tour in Israel.

The basic concept of the trip was the legend of the Tree of Life – acacia, had grown for more than 400 years in the desert without water. Unique tree has become for the residents of the East a mystical symbol that embodied fortitude, perseverance ideals and eternal pursuit up. This symbol of the Tree of Life was used as the main character and the idea of Stada event.

Its philosophical and magical significance could reflects the activity and the idea of the company the best it possible.

  • Continuous development (aspiration upwards);
  • Fidelity to the principles and ideals;
  • Strong roots (international activities of the company);
  • The ability to empower, to give the energy and the health (it is aimed at drugs of the company).

During the tour, guests had learnt Israel from three different points:

  • Modern and vigorous Tel Aviv symbolizing growth and development;
  • Jerusalem – a soul, a history, the roots of the people of Israel. It is a city of legend, the city, true to his ideals, the city that symbolizes the vital resistance and wisdom;
  • Dead Sea – a place of energy and ease. Millions of people from all over the world come here to restore your health, become more beautiful and happier.

Thus, three tours uncovered three major characteristics of the country’s three main symbolic meaning of the Tree of Life and the three inspiring ideas of the company: the development, the value of the roots (history and traditions in Vol. H. Business traditions), energy (the mission to give people health, joy and beauty). Besides this the gala dinner in the framework of the visit was arranged.

To come to the Holy Land, on which so many legends and stories exist, dissolve your worries and ailments in the warm calm waters of the Dead Sea, to see with their own eyes the Christian, Muslim and Jewish shrines in the ancient city of Jerusalem. All of these points we managed to combine this trip by visiting the beautiful and mysterious country – Israel.


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