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September, 2013, Radomyshl, Zhytomyrska oblast

The corporate fest The Day of OPTEK’s Family – 2013

Participants: 50 persons

Knights are in search of the Holy Bowl of Graal of “OPTEK”.

The concept of the event was based on the legends of brave knights and their glorious exploits. The participants were in the era of the legendary King Arthur, there the initiation ceremony took place and most of participants assisted in the knightly competitions!

Going through all the stages of the contest, participants received pieces of sacred letter, that were combined in the final and showed the place where Bowl “OPTEK” was hidden. Under the wonderful sounds of medieval tunes at the feast, guests enjoyed delicious food and drank the noble red wine!

After the feast, it was a time of noble and romantic dance performances!  “Optekovtsy” was trying on the roles of noble kings and queens, knights and princesses with great pleasure. And especially fun brought the transformation into colorful representatives of flora and fauna. Creative theatrical performance made up by the guests themselves with the sea of laughter and fun was the culmination of a bright holiday!



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