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Discover Ukraine

Ukraine is a truly unique place to visit.

The enormous meadows eared with herbs and flowers, the majestic Carpathian Mountains, inspiring with their beauty and primeval, picturesque Dnieper, penetrating the whole country as a shiny snake it is only a small part of the fantastically beautiful place that boasts our amazing Ukraine.

Being the largest country of Europe and situating in its heart, it differs from most of the European empires representing the mysterious Terra Incognita for many tourists.

Can you imagine the diversity of the natural world of Ukraine that is unique one?

Majestic rivers Dnieper and Dniester are framed by green banks. Two seas the Black see and Azov see, both are different but striking by their beauty.

The unique European desert Oleshkivski sands is located next to the world’s largest artificial forest planted with perfectly straight trees and exotic plants.

Protected areas where rare species of animals and flowers grow. Carpathian mountain range, crystal lakes, enchanting waterfalls, mysterious waterfalls, uninhabited islands, underground caves and wonderful valley of daffodils.



All this natural diversity is concentrated in one country.

The ancient monuments of culture, the medieval castles and places of worship as well as the places of grand battles can be found on the territory of Ukraine.

It is not possible to forget about the capital of Ukraine the city with a thousand-year history Kiev, the ancient but eternally young. Not so many cities in Europe can boast such a rich cultural heritage.

Furthermore, romantic Lvov and cheerful Odessa, intellectual Kharkiv and many other beautiful cities are waiting for you.

However, the main wealth of the country is its people. In spite of its difficult history and complicated present time, Ukrainian people distinguish innate optimism, hospitality and spirituality.

Ukraine has become the home to many religions; it is easy to get on representatives of various denominations: Orthodox churches are side by side with the Catholic cathedrals, the mosque – with synagogues. Ukrainian shrines such as Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and Sophia Cathedral are not only bastions of spirituality, but also the unique historical and architectural monuments.

Travel to Ukraine and get the opportunity to meet interesting unique culture, which occupies a special place in the cultural heritage of European nations with the unique ancient customs. The traditions of each people living in the country are wonderful mixed up here.

The multinationality of Ukraine is also reflected in its rich national cuisine, famous for its nutritional value and taste. Each region of the country is famous for its unique culinary traditions. Borscht, dumplings, homemade sausages, Kiev cutlets have been appreciated in different countries and served in restaurants around the world. Nevertheless, their real taste can be known only in Ukraine! Whatever the purpose of your visit, you can be sure: the journey to Ukraine will certainly be a real treat for you. Moreover, those who can find the key to unlock the secrets of this mysterious country, Ukraine will be opened with the most unexpected aspects and fundamentally overturn usual opinion about itself. .


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