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Design is easy!

Do you have a bunch of tasks for designer but no designer?

We can help you with that! There are always many issues that need to be addressed before a new start, product or service presentation. Maybe you still don't have a logobook or you lost vector logo? Do you hate your corporate style, or do you have an idea for a new project? Would you like to order the design of social networks and finally break into the world of smm strategies? We understand that! Choose a service from our list and write us about your desire for change.

Service list
Find the service you need in the list below or let our manager know what kind of design help you need. We will definitely solve your question.


We will quickly create a new logo for your project or redesign the existing one. We will also draw a vector logo from your raster file (tiff, jpeg, png).

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is that what sets your company apart from others. We will create a new corporate identity for you or redesign the existing one, teach you how to use it and provide all the files in the required formats.


Successful branding greatly helps the recognition of your brand in real life and the Internet. We will develop the branding of any product based on your brand book.


What to do with the logo and corporate identity? Can I use the logo in one way or another? What are your colors and what are not? Fonts, patterns, materials ... Don't worry! We will develop a clear guideline or fix the existing one.

Tilda website

Everything is changing very quickly. You have to be brave and fast. If you have a new project and need a website, order it from us now!

Social networks

Your brand pages in social networks it is also an element of style. They must be associated with you, that's why it's so important to create a good design. Order it now.


Another option for communication with customers, which is very important to make interesting and useful. We will develop your own style of branded mailings.


Do you have a constant need for presentations? we know very well how important it is to make them fascinating and bright! Order design development and get more «YES!» from your customers.

Business card

Personal business cards or those for the whole team. New design, materials or color.

Our designer will offer the best solution for you.

Corporate materials

You can order any printed materials for the needs of your company or project. We will create a design and prepare layouts for printing.

Advertising materials

Programs, invitations, posters, menu, banner, roll-up and more.

We will create a design of advertising materials of your dream and even print!


Bright and stylish packaging

is necessary for any product especially for gifts.

We will create modern packaging for you.

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